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Welcome to Oh Foxy Pole Dance Studio, where the world of pole dance comes to life in a space that celebrates movement, self-expression, and community. Our mission is simple: to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for individuals of all backgrounds to explore the joy of dance. We believe in creating a space where consent, respect, and fun take center stage. At Oh Foxy Pole Dance Studio, we meet you where you are in your dance journey, understanding that growth takes time and practice. Join us as we dance, learn, and build a community that thrives on the shared love for the art of movement.

Our Values

1 / Fun

We believe that pole dancing should be a joyful and lighthearted experience. Our commitment to fun ensures that every class is not just a learning opportunity but a chance to revel in the joy of movement.

2 / Consent

Respect and consent are the cornerstones of our community. We prioritize creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone's boundaries are respected, and consent is paramount in all interactions.

3 / We Meet You Where You Are

We acknowledge that everyone starts their pole dance journey from a unique point. Our approach is to meet you where you are, tailoring our classes to accommodate all levels of experience and ensuring everyone feels comfortable and supported.

4 / Embracing Imperfection

Perfection is not our goal; progress and self-expression are. We encourage embracing imperfections, understanding that the learning process is a beautiful journey filled with growth and self-discovery.


320 W. 4th St.

Cincinnati, OH 45202


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