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A Playful Kickstart: My Unique Spin on New Year Resolutions

Goal Bingo Card Example

The arrival of a new year never fails to inject a fresh burst of energy into my life. Unlike the conventional methods of goal-setting, I was introduced to a quirky yet effective approach that turns my aspirations into a playful game of bingo. This unconventional strategy not only adds an element of fun to my goals but also allows for a flexible and enjoyable journey.

Vision Boarding: Crafting a Creative Blueprint

As the calendar turns, I find myself starting on the creation of a vision board—a colorful collage that paints a vivid picture of what I want my year to look like. However, my approach differs from the usual, as I turn my visions into tangible goals on a bingo card. This card becomes a lively roadmap, with each box representing a challenge or adventure waiting to be had. I generally don't full finish this for a few weeks.

Redefining Goals: From Weighty to Light

Last year's bingo cards taught me a valuable lesson. Life evolves, and so do our priorities. What seemed crucial in January might (and did) lose its relevance by June. So, this year, I'm making a shift. Instead of heavy, obligatory goals, my bingo card will feature categories like something to learn, something to try, something to see, somewhere to visit, and something to make. The focus is on injecting more variety and, most importantly, fun into my daily life.

Celebrating the Wins: Embracing Joy

One aspect I've struggled with is celebrating achievements, especially the big, weighty ones. In the past, I would complete significant milestones like finishing chemotherapy without a proper celebration because I simply didn't know how. This year, I'm changing that. I've decided to pre-determine the rewards or celebrations for my major goals and new year resolutions, ensuring that joy is an integral part of my journey.

Rest and Rejuvenation: Inspired by Wintering

In contrast to the common approach of hitting the ground running on January 1st, while I may do some planning and dabble in a little goal work, I deliberately delay most of my effort until after the Spring Solstice. Wintering, a concept beautifully captured by Katherine May in her book of the same name, has shifted my perspective and approach on allowing rest periods into life. The quote, "We have seasons when we flourish and seasons when the leaves fall from us, revealing our bare bones. Given time, they grow again," resonates deeply, reminding me of the importance of rest for growth.

Sharing the Journey: A Community Adventure

I'm excited to share my unique goal-setting journey with a wider audience. While I'll provide glimpses here and on social media, the heart of the experience will unfold in our Facebook group. It's a space where like-minded individuals can join in, exchange ideas, and support one another in their personal journeys.

What's Next? My Goal-Setting Plan for Today

Today's plan involves a blend of teaching and Intro to Pole Dance Class, decluttering, and, most importantly, starting my goal-setting process though it will remain a fluid process throughout the year to allow for my flexibility and priorities may shift. For this month, I'm focusing on figuring out where to incorporate a stretching routine into my daily habits. I use the process called habit stacking where, when I'm trying to add something new, I don't throw it just anywhere in my day. I find a preexisting habit that is already automatic and add the new habit I want to establish to the end so one flows seamlessly into the next. Stay tuned for more details on these pursuits and insights into my life-enhancing techniques.

Feel free to follow along as I navigate the playful world of goal-setting, sharing my wins, challenges, and the occasional misstep. You're invited to join the adventure and perhaps find inspiration for your own unconventional path toward a fulfilling and joyous life.

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